Ben Plüss

Vocals // Screams & Growls




Ben started singing later in life, at the age of 20, at the request of a friend, guitarist in the band Blind Addiction. He then carried on playing gigs with them throughout Switzerland and France until 2000.

Since then, he has multiplied collaboration with different bands as Tasteless and To The Vanishing Point, in particular opening for Tété and Joss Stone at the Caprices Festival. He also did some studio sessions for DJ Pure (cover version by DJ Tatana) and Radi Tabasco.

Founding member of the (Swiss) label Saïko Records in 2003, he quit the label in 2008 at the birth of his first child. Today he dedicates himself to his new musical projects, Almøst Human and Enigmatik.



Agency TBoU - P.O. box 57 - CH 1628 Vuadens

Phone www.facebook.com/TheBestofUnderground

Email tbou.swiss@gmail.com


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