Gilles Bonzon

Guitar // Distiller




Gilles started playing music at the age of 5, his first choice going for the piano, but his preference has turned to the guitar since age 13. Aer studying in several music schools, he joins the Fodge Music School and takes his lessons with Olivier Perdrizat.

In 2007, he makes his first steps in studio and live with the Swiss metal band Seepak. Following the band’s split in 2012, he joins the deathcore band Abstract Reason and starts as session guitarist with Buried Skied, a metalcore band from Lausanne.

He joins Almøst Human on September 2017, replacing Chris Matthey, who has decided to take full control of the band’s musical production.



Agency TBoU - P.O. box 57 - CH 1628 Vuadens

Phone www.facebook.com/TheBestofUnderground

Email thebou@hotmail.ch


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