Chris Matthey (past member)

Producer, mixer // Guitar, vocal




Chris started studying music at the age of 6. Attracted by rock music, his choice fell on the electric guitar.

At the age of 19, Chris obtained a diploma from the “Musical Technologies School” of Geneva, before releasing a first album called “The trip of Kaikai”. From here he regularly played with his crossover/jazz-rock band to eventually turn to teaching guitar in different local Swiss music schools.

In parallel to his musician activities, he also works with musical production and joined the Royal Studios in Lausanne, recording, mixing and/or producing various artists of many eclectic influences such as rock, metal, flamenco, French music, hiphop, pop and even dance.

It is also at the Royal Studios that Almøst Human’s first EP and new album have been done.



Agency Royal Studios - CH 1004 Lausanne

Phone +4121 661 31 31 - Av. de Sévelin 32A

Email info@royalstudios.net

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