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Living Wreck

Almøst Human

Mørning Star

Almøst Human

Øbey, Cønsume Ør Disappear

Almøst Human


Almøst Human

Each Øf Us

Almøst Human

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Almøst Human is a swiss metal band, But it’s also a universe, a vision of the world and humanity. A completely convincing mixture of Thrash Metal, Death Metal and Heavy Metal.

Switzerland’s Almøst Human are easily the country’s best-kept secret and possibly one of the finest European “moderne metal” band we have heard in quite some time. The gross’s debut Ø EP, is chock-full of excellent riffing, impressive vocal melodies and enough raw, unadulterated power to put most of their American counterparts to shame.

A first-rate cut that is as brutal as it is utterly catchy. Featuring material of varying tempos and levels of aggression, consistently song-oriented, with big, fat hooks always at the core of band’s songwriting.

Metal Melissa & Chris Blast – Fullblast.pr


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