Sara Zahnd

Swiss // Orbe



Sara started to play the piano at the age of 5. She took lessons for 10 years, studying mostly classical pieces. She teached the piano for several years later.

In 2000, Sara moved in France, where she learned to play the guitar, and followed lots of bands on concerts and recordings. That’s where she learned a lot about the underground metal culture, meeting inspirational musicians and various artists.

Back in Switzerland in 2008, Sara started to play in different metal bands, in different places.
In 2019, she was auditioned to play the bass with Almost Human. In June 2019, she was on stage at the Greenfield Festival, Interlaken.



Agency TBoU - P.O. box 57 - CH 1628 Vuadens

Phone www.facebook.com/TheBestofUnderground

Email tbou.swiss@gmail.com


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